About the lab

IMG_6873Welcome! Our lab works at the nexus of issues related to Appalachian biodiversity and the human dimensions of the southern mountains. Although we primarily address questions from an ecological perspective, much of our work is couched within the context of socioeconomic change in the Appalachian region, particularly regarding the ecological legacies of resource extraction and ongoing shifts to local economies grounded in outdoor recreation and ecotourism.

Projects in our lab are heavily student-centered and span topics related to traditional ecological studies of Appalachian taxa (particularly reptiles and amphibians), assessments of human health in Appalachia, and on-the-ground initiatives designed to link conservation data infrastructure to regional economic development programs. You can learn more about these projects – and even use some of our resulting products – by clicking the pages above. Information on my professional background, ┬áincluding CV, can be found at the sidebar to the right.